The Company’s History

We’ve started our activity in 1987 - so we are at the market for over 20 years.

A lot has changed during that time but let’s start from the begining when we were producing prosthetic tables and simple prosthetic devices.  From the very begining we set ourselves a task of tight cooperation with our clients and carreful pursuing of globar trends in our trade.

As the time passed our experience has grown as well as our processing power, new products were created and introduced to the market. Our reputation has grown in tough competition struggle conditions.

With time, our offer has been expanded of design and production of specialist furniture like: dental and medical furniture for all kinds of doctors’ surgeries.  Thanks to listening to our clients’ needs, having proper technological background we’ve started wide-range production of devices used in prosthetics, like: muffle furnaces, prosthetic suction and accessories – presses, frames, clenching tools, etc.

When hiring designers, we’ve gradually started to offer a posibility of complete arrangement and interior designing of any medical burgery and complex interior sof a whole clinics.

From the beginning we’ve used the cutting edge technological solutions and high quality materials coming from reputable producers and that is why our products have quickly gained recognition among many Polish and foreign customers.

What’s next?

Our current strategy is a constant, dynamic company’s development and further improvement of offered products by increasing their precision and assuring greater infalibility.

Also, we’re going to constantly introduce successive, new solutions making the work of prosthetics, dentists and doctor easier and what follows is greater patients’ satisfaction and trust.

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