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Probably you have a dental surgery or you’re an owner of a clinic. When reaching our website you knew what you need. Let us ensure you in a conviction that you don’t need to look for it any more. Regardless of whether you arrangie your surgery form the basis or update it, we’re sure that our dental furniture are perfect for you and your business.

We’re on the market for many years producing and fitting in dental furniture to any type of  a surgery.  We deliver furniture which fulfill expectations of both dentists and their patients. 

Typical dental furniture

Individual characterIndividual characterWe use innovative technological solutions increasing furniture functionality.

Optionally they can be equiped with:

  • Non-contact fittings
  • Non-contact dispencers
  • Drawers open by touch
  • Drawers for waste
  • Hand towel and gloves dispencers.

Dental cupboards on wheels

Three-drawers cupboard on wheelsThree-drawers cupboard on wheelsWe produce wide choice of dental cupboards:

  • 3 - drawers cupboard with leading handle equiped with a swivel base and a possibility of height regulation
  • 4 - drawers cupboard  with leading handle equiped with a swivel base and a possibility of height regulation
  • 6 - drawers cupboard with leading handle , without a swivel base

Each dental cupbboard offered by us has varnished fronts made of MDF board, whose colour can be chosen from rich 50 –elements palette.

Aestetics and image…

FunctionalityFunctionalityDental surgery is a special place. It is a bussiness card of each dentist. Pleasent image and warm atmosphere of the surgery is the second factor, right after the quality of your work, which creates the image distributed round your patients.

We take care of that the work is not only associated with the obligation for you and pain for the patient.  We dispose of wide range of furniture colours thank to which the individual charakter of the dental surgery will be held.  We also offer furniture which will fit in the existing decor and will match the remaining furniture and devices.

Classic-line or Ergo-line

To meet your needs, we created two design lines of comfortable dental furniture - classic-line and ergo-line.  Both lines characterizes specific easthetics and shape from clear, sharp features in classic-line to delicate, round lines closing the characteristic shape of ergo-line.

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