Design and arrangement of doctor’s surgeries and workshops/laboratories

As you got so far probably you’ve decided to use our  furniture offer or you’re still considering it. Maybe you’ve already have a partialy furnished rooms but e.g. you would like to refresh old walls a little bit.  Let us assure you that you’re in the right place!


Our designers will design furniture exactly fitting in your needs. Taking into cosideration rules of ergonomy, usefulness, comfort and aesthetics, we will create  furniture perfectly matched to your needs.  On request we will use non-standard, high-quality materials and high-end technologies.

Interiors arrangement

Clients who order our furniture are offered Professional interior arrangement. Our experienced designers can provide you with a complex arrangement form the basis both for a single room and for the whole clinic. We arrange everything starting form doctor’s surgeries and workshops/laboratories, which are the basis of your business, through reception desks, waiting roms, corridors and social rooms. Thanks to computer visualization you will see your interiors and modify them according to your needs before they actually come into being.

No matter if you expect warm cosy look or sterile, modern stylistics, the 3D image created in virtual reality will let you choose the furniture and equipment  exaclty that you look for.

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