Medical furniture

If you look for functional and ergonomic medical furniture which will match your doctor’s surgery’s charakter – you’re in the right place.

For over 20 years, we’ve produced resistant medical furniture which gain doctors’ and patients’ recognition.  We deliver them furniture they need.

Types of medical furniture

Paediatric’s surgeryPaediatric’s surgery

The medical furniture we offer are created on the basis of  close consultations with doctor of different specializations. We do our best to let our furniture reflect a room’s destination and be designed according to a doctor’s specialization.

Thanks to such approach, we fully realize:

  • furniture for all kinds of doctor’s surgeries 
  • paediatric furniture
  • hospital furniture

Comfort and aesthetics

Individual characterIndividual characterWe take care that our furniture evoke your staff’s contentment and satisfaction from their work.  We also remember to decor and colour a doctor’s surgery or a hospital room in such a way that it is a source of peace and alleviation for a patient. We offer comfortable furniture of aesthetic look and modern stylistics and warm colours.

Durability and constant improvement

We put a particular attention to quality of our products.  In the production process we use materials and semi-products only of well known and reputable companies, like: Blum, Grass-hopper, Krono, Rehau. It gives you a guarantee of long-lasting use.

We constantly work on further improvement and perfecting our medical furniture. We’re up to date with technological novelties and we listen carefully to our clients’ opinions.

classic-line or ergo-line

To match differenciated Reed of our clients, we’ve created two comftable medical furniture design lines: classic-line and ergo-line. Both lines characterizes specific easthetics and shape from clear, sharp features in classic-line to delicate, round lines closing the characteristic shape of ergo-line.

Classic-line - is a medical furniture design line connecting simplicity and functionality. Thanks to a composition of proper materials it can have a traditional or modern furniture character.

Egro-line - is a furniture design line which puts the greatest pressure on work’s ergonomy. Ovals and soft shapes give our furniture lightness and pleasent look without diminishing their functionality. The line is appliable both in small and spacious rooms.

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