Prosthetic devices

Probably, you’re decided on prosthetic fiurniture from our offer. Congratulating you a good choice, let us offer you a necessary equipment – prosthetic devices, which not only let you do the daily work but also will make it easier.

You can also buy the devices separately, modernising your present prosthetic workshop.

Our prosthetic devices is the effect of over 20 years of experience and cooperation with prosthetics and listening to their constantly growing needs. We guarantee stability, durability, endurance and precision of work even in difficult conditions.

Prosthetic suctions

Suction W2000

Prosthetic tractions

  • Engine: 230V 1200W
  • Outside dimentions: 280x300x330

It’s a sileni device of a lot of power adequate for two stands. It has disposable bags for sucked waste.

A connection of a sucking ending or sucking drawers (depending on your needs) to the device is possibile by standard household articles’ hoses.

Dust sucking ending

Dust sucking ending

It is light and damage resistant as it is made of glass-fiber and resin fibers. An ergonomic shape ensures a comfort of work. The glass has a slope angle regulation. A sucking canal can be fixe to any type of table or table top.

Screw hand press


Screw hand press for nylon dentures

Helical punch for nylon dentures

Frames for boxes

Clench tools

Centric screwed frame for boxes

Frames for centric screwed boxes

Clench tools/articulators

Shadowless lamp 2x18W fixed to a table

Shadowless lamps 2x18W fixed to the table

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