Prosthetic furniture

As you are interested in prosthetic furniture, most probably you conduct a prosthetic laboratory or just planning its openning. Or maybe you work for such a laboratory and look for new solutions. Regardless of who of the people above you are – you are in the right place!

For over 20 years, we listen to prosthetics’ needs and successfully fulfil them. We equip their laboratories and workshops with furniture and devices they need.
See what we offer!

Prosthetic tables

Composition of 13 prosthetic tablesComposition of 13 prosthetic tablesProsthetic tables made by us are complete prosthetic’s workstands. We equip them with:

  • Sucking drawers or sucking trestle
  • Prosthetic suction
  • Electric instalation
  • Output of a gas ending with a valve 
  • Output of air ending with a selfwinder
  • Shadowless lamp by Prod-Dent or Waldman
  • Table top – at choice:  laminated lub natural beech plank

We can propose you an individual composition of a few tables, in case of multi-stand work.

Plaster rooms

Plaster roomPlaster roomPlaster room tables of our production have holes for waste and sinks integrated with the table tops thanks to which you will have a chance to work in clean and comfortable conditions. Table tops of the plaster room tables are usually made of stainless steel but can be done of acidproof steel or glass on client’s request.

However, rich functionality and numerous usage of our furniture is not all…

Ergonomy and efficiency

Ergonomics and efficiencyErgonomics and efficiencySurely, you know how important elements are comfort and ergonomy in carring out prosthetic work and how significantly it influence the work pace and as the result also the quality.

When choosing our products you take care of correct body posture. Our prosthetic  furniture thanks to their construction and correctly matched high, eliminate the risk of stooping to minimum and guarantee holding of erected body siluette and thanks to komfort of usage let you work faster and longer.

Design and durability

Modern designModern designImagine yourself your workshop/laboratory equiped with modern furniture in interesting colours and aesthetic eye-catching look. Our designers will propose you a design assuring warm atmosphere and unique look of your workshop. In such surroundings your work will become nice, clean and pleasant.

Moreover, you will receive safe and very durable furniture for long-time use as  during the production proces, we use the best materials and components coming form reputable producers. 

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