Reception desks / card indexes

As you’ve already chosen furniture for the doctor’s surgery and for the workshop/laboratory, it’s time to take care of so called first impression. A reception desk is a place where your new client will have a first contact with your clinic or doctor’s surgery.  The quality of service, prezent climat and an image created by the surroundings are the decisive factors which will influence your future client’s decision.

For many we’ve been equipping clinics with reception furniture, card indexes and waiting rooms. Thanks to complexity of our services, it is possibile to obtain a consistent decor of the clinic from the reception desk through the doctor’s surgeries to social rooms and backgrounds.

Reception desks

Reception deskReception deskAs you know, the Basic function of the reception is to introduce the initial offer to a potential clients and registration and directing the present patients. Not without a meaning is its representative look, being a source of prestige. The reception’s unique style is obtained thanks to using untypical shapes, unique pattern-designing and a composition of noble and natural materials.

We take care of receptions’ mood  pleasent for patients. We don’t forget about the staff and provide our furniture with high office functionality and usefulness.

Card indexes

A card index as an indispensable component of the reception is a basic source of information about the patients. We offer card indexes fully, stylistically and colourfully integrated with the reception Kartoteka jako nieodzowny komponent recepcji stanowi elementarne źródło informacji o pacjentach.

Imagine, one touch opened drawers, always organised, sterile kept and easy accessed patients documentation.  Long term experiences let work author’s, highly functional solutions which make searching and segregating resources easier.

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