Social rooms

As we all know, we live not only with work. When you’ve took care of the proper decor and functionality of staff’s rooms it’s time for a special place.

Social room is an inseparable element of each medical clinic and prosthetic workshop. This place will let not only your staff  and also you to have a moment rest from everyday work. Here, you can relax freely, have a meal or coffee, read daily press or even have a nap. It is also a place of everyday integration of the working staff.

Furniture for each room

We offer both standard and individually designed solutions according to requirements.

We mainly produce:

  • kitchen elements (aneksy kuchenne),
  • wardrobes,
  • TV drawers,
  • shelves for press,
  • specialistic books bookshelves,
  • tables,
  • coffee tables
  • etc

Design and arrangement

We arrange room’s decor in a way coherent with the remaining clinic’s rooms or totalny irrelevant to it.  We will help you to choose the remaining necessary furniture, like sofas, chairs, armchairs, etc.

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